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Nicole Marshall is an award-winning author and a passionate storyteller specializing in writing educational content aimed at instilling positive values, lessons of self-love, and positive affirmations in young readers from an early age. A graduate of Georgia State University with a major in Psychology, Nicole draws on her deep understanding of the human mind to create stories that resonate deeply with children and support their emotional development.

With a growing portfolio of projects, Nicole has written and self-published three books: Little Nikki: Her Journey to Self-Love, Ebony and Her Crown, and The Tales of Toby and Milo. Her work has received widespread acclaim, with two of her books earning the prestigious Story Monster Book Awards and all three being honored with 5-star reviews on Readers' Favorite. Nicole is widely complimented for her exceptional skill in telling simple, child-friendly stories in a heart-warming, non-patronizing way.

Beyond her writing endeavors, Nicole finds inspiration in photography, singing, cooking, and activities that further fuel her creativity and passion for life. Through her heartfelt narratives and relatable characters, Nicole Marshall continues to be a positive role model for young kids, nurturing their growth and laying a strong foundation for their future.

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Books that inspire!

Reading to your kids is fundamental and can boost your child's self-esteem. Getting your kids excited about reading can have a positive impact on their social and emotional well being.

Self love children's book

Little Nikki
Her Journey to Self-Love

A motivational story that takes you on a journey and teaches kids how to boost their confidence.

Little Nikki

Una historia motivacional que te lleva a un viaje de autoestima y enseña a los niños cómo aumentar la confianza en sí mismos


Ebony and Her Crown

A book with amazing rhymes that teaches kids -self-acceptance, self-worth and normalizes being different.


The Tales of Toby and Milo

A charming tale that captures the true essence of friendship and empathy. A story filled with fun and adventure that will be sure to motivate kids to be more adventurous and brave.

Mother and a Child

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