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Nicole Marshall

Nicole Marshall is an up-and-coming author and in a writing journey fueled by memories of childhood experiences, Nicole writes relatable and educative content intending to impart the young ones with positive values, lessons of self-love and positive affirmations from an early age. In an authorship journey that spans over a few years now, Nicole has several titles under her name, most notably her debut title Little Nikki Her Journey to Self-Love. In this intriguing and exciting read for children, Nicole artistically takes children through a motivational story about Little Nikki and her bullying experiences at school. She highlights its psychological impact and the resilience children develop to counter such. More importantly, the book helps children accept and appreciate their differences, embrace, and develop self-love and confidence. Other titles by Nicole include Ebony and Her Crown. Currently, Nicole lives in Atlanta, Georgia. When she is not in her official attire, you will often find her writing, drawing, photographing, cooking and spending time with family.

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